Eberron: An Age to Come

Arch 2: Chapter 8 - Cut off the head

Malvaius Kaazalani: The Road to Dolurrh

After resting a night in the Whitehearth facility, we prepared to head back to our caravan and onward with our mission. As we made our way back out of the Mournland, the medusa and her master reappeared and spoke with a member of our group. After a short conversation about the Forge of Dominance, the Lord of Blades and the city of Making, he and his companion departed to travel with Dommon.

After rejoining our caravan at the Gathering Stone, we soon departed for the capital city of Rhuukan Draal. We arrived unscathed, despite several small skirmishes with a band of minotaur bandits along the highway, and witnessed the truth of many bloody rumors we had heard so far. Bodies of dead Kek Volaar men, women and children lined the road entering the city. A section of clearly poor houses around the city’s palisade wall was intentionally torched, leaving a barren section of earth outside the walls.

After securing an inn room, and leaving a message for Jarel as instructed, we meet with a priest of Vol named Sharoad. He informs us that the portal to Dolurrh is in a chamber in the basement of the Red House behind a single magic door. The key to this magic door is hanging around the neck of Ruusdah Khan, the bloody scourge of the Kech Sharaat trying to prove himself a worthy heir of Lhesh Haruuc. He also informs us of a back door to the Red House, that has a lapse in it’s guard due to the war across Darguun.

After speaking with the priest, and learning that Ruusdah Khan is no ally of Jarel, we prepare to infiltrate the Red House. First stop, the House Phiarlan costume shop? After a brief shopping trip, and then oddly buying no costumes, we make our way into the Red House and find Ruusdah Khan in his chambers, with a small contingent of personal guards.

During a brief moment of respite in the battle with Ruusdah Khan, he momentarily yields and speaks with us, trying to determine who we are and why we’ve come to kill him. With some poorly chosen wording, we divulged our intention to enter the portal, and that the magical door in his basement was actually a portal to Dolurrh. Before his death, Ruusdah Khan mocks us by telling us of an enchantment that was placed on the Red House, letting everyone in the building hear our conversation about the portal and our intentions. Hopefully he is bluffing…



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