Eberron: An Age to Come

Arch 2: Chapter 9 part 1: Shadowfelled

Malvaius Kaazalani: Into the Darkness

With Ruusdah Khan now face down in a growing pool of blood, the Rustic Swords made their way into the basement of the Red House. After expertly navigating house’s interior, with only a few skirmishes and at one point going back up a set of stairs, the company finally found the magically sealed door deep below. The group proceeded into a large portal chamber and opened a portal into Dolurrh and stepped into the darkness.

On the other side of the portal was a maze of ruined towers and buttresses of a once great fortress. Off in the distance we could see lush green forests, but more immediately a huge cloud of death and evil roaming the walkways that lay ahead. Amidst a close encounter with the cloud being, the group entered another portal taking them inside a large puzzle chamber filled with dead bodies and statues of the Devourer. The walls seeped with necrotic ooze and nightmarish deaths awaited trespassers behind every misstep.

Puzzles beyond puzzles frustrated and challenged the group and they pressed onward through this insidious tomb of horrors crafted by some clearly deranged wizard. The group painstakingly made their way into a series of caves where rivers of necrotic ooze collected in a massive pool, and eventually found passage into a large cave opening.



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