Eberron: An Age to Come

Arch 2: Chapter 7 - Into the Mournland

Malvaius Kaazalani: The Rustic Swords

After a group of human and elf mercenaries met with Jarel and agreed on their contract terms, we set out to Rhukaan Draal to find the portal we were told about. After a few days on the lightning rail, we joined a caravan waiting for us in Sterngate to continue into Darguun. The caravan was heavily guarded, despite the journey being uneventful.

The hobgoblin in charge of the caravan decided to take a few days to trade at some formation the goblins call the Gathering Stone. The caravan seemed more interested in trading than reaching their destination at that point, but the other mercenaries seem far less interested. After briefly perusing the market, our company was instantly more intrigued with tales of Cyran weapons facilities and arranged passage to the edge of the Mournland.

After braving the dense, deathly mist, and a brief skirmish with some wandering souls, Leo Beretta recognized some rock formations and led us to the gates of the secret Whitehearth facility. Nobody questioned the man as he led us into an oddly alive valley, but we were not the only ones looking to raid this facility.

After a brief conversation with a medusa serving Dommon, mostly about why we killed her elemental excavation team, we let her and her team of warforged finish gathering the papers they had come for. After her team left, we discovered another room they overlooked with an ancient giant’s skeleton in a tube that once contained a large amount of magical fluid that somehow helped transfer magical energy. Around the base of this large container are markings of a rising sun over the symbols of House Kundarakk, House Cannith and House Orien. In a nearby desk drawer are notes for a new and advanced “Dominance” class of warforged.

After scooping up a few vials of fluid, we rested in the ruins for the night and prepared to head back to the Gathering Stone in the morning.



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