Eberron: An Age to Come

Arch 2: Chapter 5
Into the Faywild

The party travels to the Faywild in pursuit of Vol’s plans to obtain a Vibrance shard.

Arch 2: Chapter 4
Journey to the Winter Citadel

The party flees Atur and seeks access to the Faywild through the Winter Citadel.

Arch 2: Chapter 3
Heart of Blood

The party infiltrates the Crimson Monistary

Arch 2: Chapter 2
City of Night

The party explores Atur: The City of Night

Arch 2: Chapter 1
Pursuit of Vengence

After Demies makes off with the Ashen Crown, the PCs travel to Karrnath to retrieve it … and to exact vengeance on their fallen friends: Yera & the Kech Volaar.

Arch 1: The Ashen Crown

The party forms in the foothills of the Graywall Mountains and quicly finds itself on a journey more than they bargained for…


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