Bonus XP

Bonus XP

Bonus XP from Obsidian Portal works just like Milestones. However, as the actions taken on this site are smaller, the rewards are sized accordingly. We’ll use the term milestoneletts to give an idea of how this will work.

10 Milestoneletts = 1 Milestone
10 Milestones = 1 level

Ways to Earn Milestone(letts)

Add Comments about a PC (player) or NPC – 0 – 2 milestoneletts

You can do this by adding a _italicized _ quote ending with your characters name (and ideally a tag. As an example. These are direct thoughts or comments made to or about the NPC. They are consider information that you’ve shared around the fire during meals or while traveling.

“I think 7 is a massive tool!”Demies

Add New or Expand a Wiki Article. – 1 – 3 milestoneletts
You’ll want to clearly note what you’re adding or changing. While the wiki keeps history, be careful not to overwrite someone else’s fact with your own version of facts.

Complete an Adventure Log 1 – 3 milestoneletts
Each adventure one person can “claim” the rights to write an adventure log. Though, if there are multiple people willing to write one, we’ll politely take turns. Each “historical” adventure log falls under the same rules.

Bonus XP

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