Random Notes for later organization

Notes Gathered Along our Journey

2 years after 100 year civil war
Mournland (formerly Cyre)
White fog “killed” everyone??
Weapon Cyre government trying to create that went bad??
House Canith engendered something (weapon) so powerful that it went wrong (ahniliated all people)…. Is everyone who was in Cyre at the time were dead)

Treaty signed
All Feywild spire (floating “nature” cities) are stranded in this world ever since Mournland

War Forged built in Cyre before It became Mournland (whatever energy created them also had an effect in creating the Mournland)??

Driconic Prophecy… learn more about this!
Prophetic marks (look for these??)
Dragon marks (appear on skin designating someone w/ 1 of 12 marks)
If you could understand this, you could understand everything about the past present and future
Some people who study the driconic prophecy believe there are signs in symbols all around us (predict outcomes of wars, etc)

Dragon marks began to manifest several 1000 years ago
Began manifesting on different races
Some people believe them to be visual representations of the driconic prophecy
People with dragon marks are “better” at what they do than those without one

Given a case marked with House Canith. Inside was:
Powder: from the shoreline of Demon Wastes
Tube of Bone: Inside was paper with ancient writing – “To him who bears the Crown of Ash, no power of death shall take him. If joined asunder is your intent, speak these words and mean them” (part of an incomplete ritual)

Sent to Professor Yenis Palvin to determine the powder, and the professor sent us to get Cruthux

(Manifest Zone: another plane of existence touching Eberron)

Found in Professor Palvin’s Room when we returned:
Paper with the following: “Corina is Demies”
Another loose paper: Corina was “skull born” (elves who practice dark necromancy in pursuit of immortality).

When we returned to the inn, there was a parchment on the door; a summons to appear at King’s Citadel to meet with Captain Kalaes due to “matters of state.” Kalaes wants us to secretly help the Kech Volaer in assembling all parts of the Ashen Crown (4 pieces beside Ashurta’s blade) buried deep within the Earth (under 6 Kings?). He has promised to pay all our travel expenses and promises us an “intangible” benefit in assembling the pieces.

We travel from Sharn to Greywall Mountains on border of Droaam to meet w/ Kech Volaer. On the way there, we stop in Ardev (trading spot) via the airship “Eminence” (Captain is a gnome with the Dragon Mark of House Lyrander).

What Else We Know

Dhakani Empire
Massive goblin empire
Millions of years ago, took over Khorvaire
Assaulted by creatures of far realm known as Zorat (plane of madness; creatures from here are entirely alien) Did the creatures from Zorat destroy the Dhakani empire? Yes.

The plane of Zorat can no longer touch our plane, but we don’t know why.

Ashen Crown
Predates Dhakani Empire
Valaes Tairn elves came to Khorvaire and made the crown (the Crown of Remembrance) from 4 elven magical items.
Dhakani stole the crown from the elves and added Ashurta’s Blade (5th element); some believe the elves gave the crown to the goblins
Did the Dhakani goblins steal the crown in order to take over Khorvaire?? How did the
Dhakani just “add” the blade to the Ashen Crown?
Circlet (base; golden mithrel)
Ashurta’s blade (frontal ornament)
Zaarani’s Solitaire (single gem)
Mukoorak’s Orb (decorate crown)
Lurtaan’s Cord (braided chain
All together, these parts make the crown that can speak with the dead and raise them back to life (power over life and death).
Fully assembled the crown can raise an individual from the dead

Keeper of the Blade of the Ashen Crown
“The might of Zorat has not bested him and hell goes with him”
How was he not “bested” by Zorat if creatures from Zorat overthrew the Dhakani Empire?
Also called “Arkintash”

Emerald Claw
898 (year) first founded
Belief system connected to Carnath government
fanatical offshoot of Karrnathi
Use undead to fight
Demies: star agent (showed up in Yenis Palvin’s office)

Karnath: one of 5 nations of Khorvaire (they use legions of undead to fight)

Kech Volaer (people we’re supposed to help)
Word Bearers
Sign on dead goblins outside Cruthux lairs
“peaceful” goblin clan trying to unite all tribes
From Dargoon (chaotic and lawless land); Dargoon is a goblin nation where the Lhesh Haruuc hold power.
While Searching for Cruthix found ½ dozen dead Kech Volaer
Leader is Yeraa (also tracking down Ashen Crown with 6 hobgoblins and 2 goblins, including Tikulti, our “inside man” posing as warrior goblin, specializing in traps)

Kech Shaarat
Blade Bearers
Hobgoblins with ritualistic scars (blade-shaped)
Follow goblin religion
Warlike clan looking to reorganize goblins (with themselves as leaders)
Tracking Kech Volaer
Are these the goblins we fought at the gate of the 6 kings?

Droaam – region of monsters run by 3 hog sisters (brought some sort of “peace” to Ddroaam); Greywall is a city in Droaam and the orb is buried under the city (The Roar, main marketplace)

Teim – our guide through the mountains

Turakbar’s Fist – Minotaur’s Fortress (attacked us on way to 6 Kings; worship Dark 6)

Byeshk ore used to combat creatures of Zorat (the far realm). Difficult to mine. Difficult to forge into weapons. The blade is made of this ore so it can combat the creatures of Zorat.

Yeara gives us a smooth black stone that fits in the palm of my hand (magical walky-talky).

Yeara sings a durge song offering an alliance between the Kech Voaler and us

Kordanga – airship, Emerald Claw struck ship looking for parts to Ashen Crown, seemed like they didn’t want to destroy the ship; on the Captain’s neck is a dragon mark for House Lyrander [of all the houses, Lyrander isn’t well liked because they took land (home base in the city of Stormlord)
Lord Kar = King’s brother and captain of King’s Citadel

During the war, Emerald Claw resurged when Karnath gov’t was failing, came and rescued them

Kench Volar – wanted to create peace and stability

Ashurta – warlord, general for Dhakani empire; a hobgoblin (as empire fell, it broke apart and given to different leaders)

Crown has a variety of powers, esp. Can raise dead (can speak with dead??)

Professor recalls images – Demies talked with Takulti about reassembled crown and they planned to bring it to someone.
Crown wants to be assembled and be included in monumental moments of history

Flame Keep: follows orthodox religion of Silver Flame; capital of Thrane

Knights of the Silver Flame: paladin – shining plate mail with arrowhead symbol on crrrhest, swords, helmets… Represent Thrane government (ruled by silver flame)

Brian – captain in Knights of Silver Flame; collecting small leather bags under table

The Age of Demons – a study in how the world began (old form of elven)

Karnath – where 5 nations 1st formed; militaristic dictatorship (strong military power and might) but poor economy (whole country looks like it 2) 2) What are the things we must “let go” of in order to be a “follower”? are the things we must “let go” of in order to be a “follower”? made for war)

Galifer (human) – rose 4000 years after ccci Empire; conquered all Khorvaire

Emerald Claw mandated state religion to be blood of Vol (pop religion in Karnath) about 7 years ago King Caius separated from blood of Vol

Blood of Vol – 3600 years old (war of death), started when, on the elven continent, the mark of death first appeared on a young elf/dragon hybrid (Erandis Vol). There are 12 active dragon marks, the 13th is the mark of death. People rose up and killed all people with the mark of death. Probably buried In Arnel.

Caius III – to whom we owe Karnathi freedom (plaque on statue standing on skulls)

Charts tracking movements of plains:
- Kythri: plain in elemental chaos (churning chaos slade)

- Mabar: realm of endless night; ruled by servants/angels of gods of Dark 6; ruled by angels devoted to: mockery, keeper, shadow

- Irain: realm of endless day; ruled by servants/angels of benevolent gods that are part of sovereign host (beautiful realm); ruled by agents of Dol-Arrah (god of light/goodness of soul/military and war) and Dol-Dorn (governs courage and military duty)

Notes referencing Thelnenis (Fey Wild) and Dolaar (part of Shadow Fell)

Missive: send work to Atyr (city of night)… Signed Demies (dated several days ago)

Blood of Vol – publicly known blood religion; worships divinity in oneself (divine energy in blood of each person)

Janis – priest of Blood of Vol (killed him in temple)

Demies – is abactor of Blood of Vol (four tiers in hierarchy of blood of Vol: common people, priests, abactors (local “bishops”), crimson covenant (highest council in religion)

Lyrist – High Priest of Silver Flame (4 missing priests were possessed); we bring him the bodies. We hand him 4 medallions (symbol of one shadow god, the shadow, from Dark 6). The shadow governs lies, deception, thievery. He gives us a Viper Belt to resist poison and an encounter power.

In the books held by priests are instructions on how to create a Mommet and [used to summon/control demon (evistra?)]

Cult of Blades – war-forged were forged by House Canith and distributed throughout nations; one group of war-forged who rebelled against prejudices toward war-forges; want autonomy of war-forged

Arrive in Artur – one side of city is ashen spires (mountains) that tower over city; mist pours in from river in afternoon (leaving light for only 4hrs a day)

Bennis – acalite (alter boy) for Blood of Vol; 13 members of Crimson Covenant

“Seek the divine within” – “Only the divine is eternal” – words spoken during Blood of Vol ceremony

Find books and notes in Demeis handwriting – talking about channeling magic through an “Eldritch machine” (malfunctioning one caused the Mournland; it is a “concept” designed for a specific purpose chosen by its creator; technology, magic, and alchemy combined, maximizes the impact of any kind of magic). Also see a book on Fey Wild with notes in margins: “vibrance shard? Jarel to obtain at Taer Syraen” Taer Syraen = Winter Citadel (Eladrin fey spires stuck in this plane, large Eladrin colony). I also know my oldest brother, Dengar, is spire guard in Winter Citadel.

Dragon shard = magic stones that embody magical powers. Educated guess that a vibrance shard is the Fey wild equivalent of a “dragon shard”

“You cannot stop which has begun. The nations will tremble before the Mark of Death.” – said by Erandis Vol as a “lytch” (evil “caster” who gives up life through immortality in undeath, like an intellectual zombie)

House Deneith (we trade with them)

Spriggan – corrupted gnomes from from Fey Wild. Dip hats in clothing and blood. Raiding weaker creatures. Once slaves that fled to evade oppressors. Ones who didn’t were corrupted by Fomoriam (evil corrupted powerful).

Shauna-Var Sleethart – be honest with her! She knows all the truth!

Only three places to access fey from Ebberon

Long ago in Arnel (original home of the elves; continent on Ebberon) an elf was born (half dragon/half elf). Dragon marks began showing up about 3000 years ago, Erandis Vol was born with the Mark of Death. War was waged to eradicate Erandis. She was killed, but became a litch. Dragon marks can only be used by the living.

Ellynd DesForte – friend of my mother, Liandra Beyalou. House Phiarlan (Mark of shadow, entertainers). Rumors of our party tracking someone entering Fey Wild.

Jennatiq – my grandmother, elven (this is why house tharanni is after me):

Jungle Valley in Durade – Only place in any plane where a vibrance shard could be found

Chaydroth – mentioned by women in shack

Chaydroth – over tyrant of Durade (Go into cave and meet dragon: jerel told him we were coming). Mentions (unending forest)

We have a vibrance shard.

Yenis sent Ellynd a message – sent a letter to Sleetheart. Part of the Chamber (secret society, alliance of beings looking for balance in Ebberon). Return to Sharn and discuss next move.

Erandis Vol will bring chaos.

We show vibrance shard to Yenis.

Celestial charting mechanisms = ancient charting mechanism. the concurrence of life and death; supposed to happen in less than 2 months. Occurs only every 100,000 years

When endless night and eternal day on chaos = the touch of thelanis (fey) and dolor (shadowfell) will be one (pass through each other).

Jerel recruiting mercenaries to head to Dolor to obtain a gloom shard.

Only portal is in Dargoon. Sigil to be placed on Eldeich machine that will cause it to backfire.

Dolor – hostile to outsiders, races there that are no where else.

Chasm of light – ??

Gaiatear – region where we’re headed (Dolor equivalent to Mournloand). Head to the city of Toranauct. Head to NE corner to area Temple of Night to a temple.

Jerel hands us an oily cloth to wrap shard in.

Head to Dargoon to Inn Nameless Orphan.

Kech Volar being slaughtered by Kech Sherrat. Kaleas wants us to find and kill Ruus Dhankaan – leader of Kech Sherrat (living in capital city of Ruchendral at the Red House).

211 platinum
68 gold
151 copper

3 rubies (500 gold each)
4 opals (600 gold each)
2 emerald (1500 gold each)
1 diamond (5000 gold)
2 black diamonds (400 gold each)
1 large sapphire (1100 gold)

Valuable Items
Holy Symbol (Arawai: goddess of nature)
Ivory box (135 gold)
98 weird gold coins (coins from Dhakani Empire) (98 gold)
20 bloodstone playing pieces and a game (25 weird gold coins)
3030 gold worth of risidium
500 gold rare herbs
430 gold worth insence
806 gold alchemical agents (arcane)
pic of me with words to find and eliminate (written in font of hit order from House Thuranni) House Thuranni = house of shadows, spies and assassins. I know something about House Thuranni, but not sure what
Ziggurat – model of the Twelve
Book from library [title “the Concurance of Life and Death” (high elven translation)]

Pair goggles -starlight goggles, gain low-light vision

Clothing, Bedding and Rope
blankets and bedrolls
Elvin gown
Elvin necklace

map of university library
translation guide (goblin)
Warded map with maddening symbols of it (f/ portal cave).

Random Notes for later organization

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